Visiting OMSI // Personal

I've been horrible at taking pictures of my own since I started actively promoting my business (too busy taking pictures for other people!), but I'll try to be better and start posting my personal photos more.

These photos were taken last month when my parents and I spent the day with Hadley at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. She had so much fun! I'd forgotten how cool and educational OMSI is... I don't know how much she learned, but I do know that afterward she talked about it for days, which means she loved it. :)

On our way!

With Papa & Nana

Showing Horsey the Columbia River

In a nest :)

They had this fun grocery store section that she did not want to stop playing in!

Painting a picture

Face paint! (It's a cat)

Taking a rest

The most fun instrument EVER

I couldn't help but get her that lion from the gift shop... he's too cute. :)

She loved these boats, too.

And the earthquake house

All done!


On our way home