Road Trip & Old Friends // Personal

This past weekend Hadley and I took a short road trip to the other side of the state to visit my best friend from childhood, Emily. It's been a few years since we've seen each other, and it was so fun to get together again and laugh and talk like we did when we were girls. :) 

Emily is getting married to Eric next year and I had the opportunity to take some adorable engagement photos of them while I was there, too. Check out the sneak peek at the end of this post!

(Warning: lots of pictures ahead! But hopefully the sneak peek is worth it...)

 Hadley was so excited about our trip!

 Of course we did some girly stuff, like getting pedicures

We also visited these two dogs... Hadley was in HEAVEN

This guy was big but gentle :)

 She got to take the smaller dog out for a walk

(BTW, I really do comb her hair... it just has a mind of its own!)

Walking the dog

Hadley snuck into a few of the engagement shots...

They didn't seem to mind :)

Aren't they the cutest couple??

 Bahama Mamas are a must after a photo shoot! :)

We also tried our hands at making Oreo Truffles. They might not look pretty, but they tasted soo good!

Eric took a few photos for us girls after their second engagement session the next evening

I always feel so sloppy when I'm doing sessions because my clients are all dressed up and I'm just... not.

There happened to be a carnival going on downtown on our last evening there, so we took Hadley to play some games

She also got her face painted!

The makings of a kitty :)

Eric and the (ferocious) cat

I told her to smile and she said "Cats don't smile, Mom. They meow." So that's what she's doing here...

Even kitties have to eat

So. Cute.

Best Friends Forever (literally!)

Best cat ever.

Reading the dog a story before we left. :)

Here's the sneak peek of Eric + Emily's photo shoot! I had so much fun with my first official engagement session, and I think we got some really good shots. The light was lovely, the location was lovely, and of course, the couple was lovely. :)