Preschool // Personal

My Hadley started preschool this week, can you believe it?? I really can't! I also can't believe that she'll be turning four in just a couple of days... she's getting so big. :)

She's been very excited about going to preschool for a few weeks now, and her first day couldn't have gone any better. It was definitely weird that she wasn't around for a whole morning, but I think it'll be good for both of us: she'll get to interact with other children and learn new things, and I'll get to have a few hours all to myself!

Finishing her first homework assignments before class!

Her first day of school outfit

So excited! :)

Off she goes...

Showing me the projects she made at school

The next day there was a Thanksgiving Feast at her school, and all the kids put on a little show for us!

Hadley is the Pilgrim on the very end in the pink shirt and ruffly skirt. :)

All these little kids were just too cute. :)

And so starts our grand school adventure!!

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