Moving Update // Personal

I'm sorry I've been absent from the blogging world lately! If you follow me on Facebook then you know that it's been a crazy few weeks for our family. :) Crazy with lots and lots of driving, that is--we visited my sister for a few days, then spent another few days on the road driving to our new home. We're finally here and just as busy as ever with things like buying a house (yay!), exploring our new hometown (love!), and I've even had a few photography opportunities already, too (exciting!).

Here are a few random pics so you can see exactly what we've been up to. :)

We had to visit Five Guys one last time before we moved!

We took Hadley through a corn maze the other day, and she loved it!

But it was a very confusing maze and we got lost a few times...

Hay pyramid

It was actually quite cold while we were visiting my sister

...But it was a good excuse to wear cute vests and hats. :)

It's not very noticeable, but I got purple streaks put in my hair. :) I absolutely love them!!

I also got this cute little {heart} tattoo

The cousins at the pumpkin patch

So excited to pick out a pumpkin!

My sis and little Greyson

So. Stinkin'. Cute. :)

The kids got to go through their own mini corn maze

Hay ride to the pumpkin field

Love my cheetah

Searching for the perfect pumpkin...

Aren't their costumes so fun??

The pumpkin is bigger than she is :)

It was this little lady's first birthday!

So sweet!

Farmer Caden and Farmer(ess?) Jazmine

Farmer Caden and Farmer Hadley

I love going to Jolts & Juice whenever we visit family! They have the best Fall drink: Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte. Yum!

Ready for some trick-or-treating!

Spiderman, Tinkerbell, and a Cheetah

Our 3-day journey led us to our new home... Kansas!

I think Hadley likes it here. :) (I know I do!)

Now that it's November, it's officially the holiday season! You can tell because Starbucks has started serving their holiday drinks (Eggnog Latte, anyone??) in their signature red cups, and this makes me very happy. :)

More updates to come soon!