Huge Announcement // Pacific Northwest Photographer

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas yesterday!! Seeing as the New Year will officially be here NEXT WEEK, I thought now would be an appropriate time to tell you all about some changes that are coming for our family and JMP in 2016! :)

Drum roll, please....

Yes, that's right! The Nord family is moving yet AGAIN... this time to the other side of the country! Next summer we will be leaving Virginia and going to Washington state, where we hope we will be settling for good. :)

I honestly can't tell you how excited we are! Both Avram and I grew up in Oregon and our families live all over in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, so we are beyond thrilled to be moving back to the West Coast. We already consider the Pacific Northwest "home", so it feels like we're going back to where we belong. :) We aren't sure exactly where we will be living yet, but it will be around the Tacoma/Olympia area. I will update as soon as we know more!

I will continue to book sessions and weddings here in Virginia until July 2016. (Local friends, if you've been thinking about having me photograph your family, now might be a good time to schedule a session!) I will begin booking sessions for Washington and Oregon in January 2016, and will be scheduling for August 2016 and into the fall. We will be there just in time for fall family portraits!

I know I have lots of friends and family in Washington, so please spread the word and share my information with any of your friends and family who may be looking for a photographer! I'm happy to travel all up and down the West Coast and over into Idaho as well. :)

I'm sure you will be seeing lots of updates here on the blog and over on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so make sure you're following along to stay in the loop!

I look forward to meeting new friends over in Washington and I can't wait to make beautiful pictures there. :)

Oh and PS--isn't this wooden USA sign just adorable?? My friend and fellow homeschooling mama/small business owner over at Claire Court Designs hand-painted this sign and added the little heart in the PNW for me. :) Definitely check out her Facebook page and Etsy shop for the cutest wooden signs out there!