Hadley & Adler | Summer 2017

Hadley Jae | 9 years old
Hadley is my silly, talkative, ray of sunshine! She is always happy, super friendly, and has the bubbliest personality ever. She's very smart and loves to read. She absolutely loves animals and would have a house full of cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, and everything else if she could. :) She is creative and loves to write about her imaginary farm. She wants to be a veterinarian or an animal rescuer when she grows up.
Loves: Animals, reading, anything pink, school, her friends, singing, decorating, Star Wars, science, talking

Adler Avram | 3 years old
Adler is my shy, quiet, loving little guy. He is all boy, through and through. He loves anything with wheels--cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, trains, bicycles. He really loves the Cars movies and Lightning McQueen is his hero. :) He loves Star Wars and loves pretending to be a Storm Trooper... but sometimes he's Luke Skywalker, too. He loves helping his Daddy and will copy anything he does. He wants to be a Storm Trooper when he grows up.
Loves: Cars, tractors, Star Wars, motorcycles, crafts, wearing sweatpants, Play Doh, riding his bike, Storm Troopers, helping Daddy

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