Day 7 // Photo Challenge

Today's theme is RED. This should've been one of the easiest days for me because my whole house is decorated in red--and when I say "whole house", I literally mean there's a red something-or-other in Every. Single. Room! But it actually turned out to be really hard because everything I took a picture of just seemed wrong. I got frustrated and decided to take Hadley outside for a while to see if inspiration would strike there, and what do you know! I finally got the photo I was looking for...

Hadley picking flowers in the back yard, wearing one of her many hats, carrying around her favorite horses, and showing the world her cute little pink and white panties. :)

I'm not surprised, really, that this is the picture that ended up working today--all my best photos (in my opinion, anyways!) feature my little munchkin. And this one is just as cute as the others; it embodies Hadley's personality so perfectly! She's very self-entertained, she likes to pick as many dandelions as she can find and put them in a cup of water, and right now she absolutely loves horse. She's also in that annoying this-clothing-size-is-getting-too-small-but-the-next-size-up-is-still-way-too-big phase, so all of her pants are too baggy around the waist. It doesn't seem to bother her at all, but Mommy and Daddy get a fine view of her underwear about ten times a day. :)

I love this little Miss! I love her freedom, her innocence, her happiness, and all the silly little things that make her the sweet girl she is.