Day 30 // Photo Challenge

The last day of the challenge! Boo! I've been having so much fun taking way too many pictures this month, and I've loved learning some new things as well. I can't thank Amber from Amber Fischer Photography enough for putting this together for everyone!! I had such a blast. :)

So today's theme is FACELESS SELF PORTRAIT, and while I've never taken a picture of myself with out my face, I gave it a good try... 

Yep, that's me.

This picture is totally "me" for a few reasons:

1) Those tanks (from American Eagle Outfitters, naturally) are like my "signature" look, I guess. I literally wear one Every. Single. Day. I'm not entirely sure why I like them so much... maybe because they're comfortable as well as flattering. Maybe because they really do go with everything! Or maybe because there are just so many colors to choose from that I always come up with a good excuse why I need another one ("But I don't have this color yet!"). :)

2) I love rocking the fun and funky AE jewelry as well. Most of their stuff is totally unique--I mean, where else are you going to find a necklace that awesome??

3) If there was just one thing that I'm known for, it's my collection of books. I have a ton of books--I think I like owning them just as much as I like reading them. I'm definitely going to need a bigger bookcase soon!

Anyways, the FACELESS SELF PORTRAIT concludes my participation in the June 2011 Photo Challenge. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me and my 30 days of pictures!! :)