Day 29 // Photo Challenge

Today the theme is DREAM. I have had many dreams for my life over the years, and even though they change often, they do have one thing in common: I want to do something big, something important, something I love. These dreams have included: writing books, being a veterinarian, becoming an artist, teaching kids, nursing, being a professional chef, working in retail, and learning to be a domestic goddess (which I totally am already). While some of these dreams remain in the back of my mind even when I have other dreams (like the writing dream... I've always wanted to write!), I've recently added a new one to the list...


Yes, I'm admitting it: I want to be a photographer. I've had this dream for over a year now, but I haven't told many people about it... until now. I don't know how crazy it is or if I'm crazy for even considering it, but that's what's happening. For the first time in a long time I have a dream that I actually think I can do. And know what?? I'm actively pursuing it as we speak! It's very exciting... and very scary at the same time. I'm planning on using this summer while the Mr. is gone to learn everything I can about photography, editing, and owning my own business. Then, as soon as we settle down in our new place, I'll officially start the process of opening up my home-based photography business!

Wow. Just talking about it makes this DREAM feel that much more like a reality. :)