Day 28 // Photo Challenge

Today's theme is SUMMERTIME. Nothing says "summer" quite like a fun family day at the lake...

Just ask Hadley--she started doing a happy dance as soon as we got there. :)

These pictures were taken this past weekend. It was the perfect day to spend at the lake--the sun was hot, the water was cool, and it was so relaxing to lay on the man-made beach. The only moment I didn't enjoy was when Hadley was playing in the water and Avram and I were sitting on the shore--she lost her footing and went underwater, struggling and sputtering. She couldn't get above water and my heart stopped beating; I shot off my towel and ran as fast as I've ever ran to get to her. I'll never forget the look on her little face as I grabbed her out of the water. I was so scared and so shaken for the rest of the day, but she, incredibly, went back in only minutes later. Avram went out with her after that and tried to show her how to swim, and I got some good pictures of them together (all the while watching her like a hawk).

In spite of that, we ended up having a great day. Summer is my favorite time of the year, and this is why: Sunshine. Family. Relaxation. Fun. :)