Day 27 // Photo Challenge

Today the theme is HATE. There are many things that I don't particularly care for in this old world (Pickles. Bugs. Slow drivers. Buying a cute shirt and then finding it the next day for half-off. Feeling sick.), but there is one thing I think I hate more than anything else...

Alaska. I hate Alaska.

This picture was taken this past winter during The Snowstorm That Dumped 3 Feet of Snow and Closed Practically Everything in Town. Yes, we get a lot of snow, but that's not why I strongly dislike living here. Here are my reasons:

1) The cold... I absolutely hate the cold. And it gets darn cold here--the coldest it's been since we've been here is about -40 degrees, but I've heard stories of it getting down to -60 (yes, that's right... sixty below zero!). I have never ever in my life been in weather this cold, and I hope to never experience it again. It's surreal.

2) Just a couple days ago I posted a photo of how extreme the light and dark is here. I don't like the excess darkness in the winter and I don't like the excess lightness in the summer. I prefer even amounts of day and night, thank you very much.

3) Everything is so expensive up here--you'd be shocked at how much I spend on groceries each week. Practically everything has to be shipped to Alaska and that's what drives the prices up. Even our Wal-Mart is more expensive than those in the Lower 48... I've checked.

4) Traveling to or from Alaska is limited to two options: fly or drive. But this isn't your typical should I fly or drive? scenario--flying is very expensive and driving really isn't much of an option eight months out of the year. And even if you could drive, a lot of businesses along the highway are closed during the winter, so you're basically stuck here until the snow melts... or until you come across a large sum of money, whatever comes first.

And 5) I think the worst thing about Alaska is how isolated it is. The state is so big and the towns are so small and so far apart (our closest "big city" is 6 hours away) that you can't help but feel like you're all alone in the world--especially during the long, dark winter.

So there you go. Even though this isn't the best place we've ever lived, at least we can say we experienced Alaska and survived. And know what?? In only two days we will be moving out of this state... forever!! And I definitely don't hate that. :)