Day 25 // Photo Challenge

Today's theme is EVENING. Evening time in Alaska is very deceptive... in the winter the sky is as dark as midnight, making it feel later than it actually is, but in the summer it's as bright as noon and you're never sure exactly what time it is. I knew that any picture I took wouldn't look like it was actually taken during the evening, but I gave it a good shot anyways...

This is what the sky looks like on a typical Alaskan summer day at about 6:00 pm. And it doesn't get much darker than that as the night goes on, either.

As you can imagine, sleeping is pretty much nonexistent here during the summer months. I've been awake at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning before and can still hear people outside talking or walking around and even kids playing. If you don't put anything over your bedroom windows, the light can literally keep you awake all night. I have to hang two sets of curtains just to make it dark enough for us to fall asleep.

Even though most Alaskans say that summer is the best time of the year here, I beg to differ... for the sole reason that it's too light to sleep (and sleep is very important to me). But the winter isn't any better because it's depressingly dark and cold cold cold

And that's really what Alaska is all about: long, dark, cold winters and light, short, cool summers. It really is like living in a whole different world.