Day 24 // Photo Challenge

Today is all about ORANGE. I don't have much orange in my life (it's not one of my favorite colors), so I dug through my old photos and found a picture of the only orange thing I could think of...

Avram's orange Chevy truck.

Well, it's not his anymore... this picture is from a few years ago. But this was the first truck he ever had, and it was so cool! He bought it when he was 17 years old and fixed it up all by himself. Back then it was just an old, faded farm truck, but over the next few years Avram worked on it tirelessly--rebuilt the engine, reupholstered the inside, and repainted it this bright orange color. This photo was taken right after he got the finishing touches put on. He was so happy and proud!

This truck was--and, in my opinion, still is--totally "him". It's like his personality was put into the form of a truck somehow--loud, bright, noticeable, unique... and just a tad bit wild. Sometimes I wish he still had it; it really was a fun truck and I knew he loved it.

They say a man never forgets his first hot rod... and in this case, neither does his wife. :)