Day 22 // Photo Challenge

Today the theme is HAPPY, and the one thing that can make me happy no matter what is this...

Hadley smiling her big, contagious, cheesy grin and squealing her high-pitched, little-girl laugh.

If you want a definition of "happy", this girl is it! She's happy and talkative and cheerful literally 90% of the time. The simplest thing can make her day, too--a treat of chocolate milk, the cat laying on her bed, Mommy reading her a book, playing with her stuffed animals, getting a clean Dora blankie fresh from the dryer. I love how energetic and vibrant she is, how she's so outgoing and charming and full of life and just plain funny.

If I'm having a bad day or am sad for some reason, little Hadley will try her hardest to cheer me up. She'll make a silly face or sing me a song or just pat my head and say "It's okay, Sweetie. Hadley's here." It totally melts my heart and makes me feel better at the same time.

And so that's my HAPPY: this sweet little person who has no idea just how happy she makes me. ♥