Day 20 // Photo Challenge

Today's theme is FAVORITE, and as usual, at first I had no clue what I was going to photograph. Favorite... favorite what, exactly? Person? Place? Thing?? After I snapped a few half-hearted pictures around the house, I came across Hadley while she was watching a movie and just knew that this was my photo...

There are many reasons why I chose it for today:

1) Well, Hadley is in it. Enough said.

2) She is watching her current favorite movie here, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (it's actually a really good movie... if you absolutely love horses).

3) She's also holding her current favorite toy: a stuffed horse that looks just like the horse in the movie.

4) Her ever-trusty Dora blankie is covering her legs. She takes that thing everywhere, and she has for about 2 years now. It's not even a "real" blanket, either--it's just a piece of fabric (in my defense, I was going to make a blanket out of it, but she snatched it up and wouldn't let go, so I figured "why bother??" Less work for me, a ready-made blanket for her, everyone wins).

5) Her sometimes-blue-and-sometimes-green eyes are so big, so innocent, and just so beautiful. They're one of my favorite features on her cute little face (although really, I love her face in general).

6) Ditto with her all-natural, multi-colored curly hair. I wanted hair just like that when I was little.

And 7) That red couch is my absolute favorite piece of furniture in the house. It's comfortable, it's bright, and it's totally me.

So there you have it... several FAVORITES in one picture. :)