Day 2 // Photo Challenge

I had such a hard time picking just one photo for today! I had so many cute ones for the YELLOW theme, but this is what I finally decided on...

Little Hadley with her special flowers!

She picked these out all by herself from the garden center at Home Depot a few weeks ago. Since I'm not good with plants... at all... I have no idea what they are, but she really likes them. :) This is her first "very own" plant, and she actually takes really good care of it--watering it every day and keeping the cat away so he won't knock it over. It seems like she just might inherit her Nana's green thumb, and that would be a very good thing because then she can help Mommy keep all the plants alive (I definitely did not inherit any green thumb whatsoever... but I still like to try.)

She's the cutest little gardener I've ever seen!