Day 18 // Photo Challenge

Today the theme is ZOOM IN. I decided to take a picture of my most favorite books on my most favorite bookshelf...

I call this my Jodi Picoult Shelf. Her books are definitely the best books ever. She currently has 18 novels published, and yes--I own all of them. I eagerly await her once-a-year new arrival and usually rush to Barnes and Noble the day it comes out to buy it. I always buy her books because I know I will read them again and again. I literally devour them in a matter of days, giving up sleep and sometimes personal hygiene in order to finish (okay, just kidding about the hygiene part... but I do seriously lack sleep when I'm in a JP mood).

I think the main thing that sets Jodi Picoult apart from a lot of other writers is that her books are very "real". Some are about kids with certain personality disorders or terminal diseases; others have to do with very complex moral issues. They are written from a viewpoint of "what if"--"What if my daughter had this disease, how would that affect my family?" "What if my son was being molested, how far would I go to protect him?" Each one of her books is so thoroughly researched, so well-written, and so heart-wrenching that I just can't put it down--even if it is the third time I've read it.

So if you've never read a Jodi Picoult book before, or--gasp!--never even heard of Jodi Picoult before... I suggest you go to the nearest library and check out her books.

All of them.


I can guarantee that your book-reading will be taken to an entirely new level if you do. And trust me, it's a very very good level.