Day 17 // Photo Challenge

Today is all about REAL LIFE. And what could be more real--in our house, at least!--than two silly girls making silly faces for the camera...

Ah yes, like mother like daughter. :)

Hadley and I spend almost 100% of our time together, and it's usually just the two of us--Daddy's either working or at the gym or off at school or doing something else for work. So in order to keep a young-at-heart stay-at-home Mommy and a very active and smart 3-year-old girl entertained, sometimes things just need to get silly. One of Hadley's favorite things to do is make silly faces, and she loves it when I photograph these faces. She loves it even more when I make silly faces with her. So that's what we're doing here (in case you hadn't figured that out yet...). It was so funny--she'd make her face just long enough for me to snap a picture, then she'd burst into a fit of giggles. Too. Cute. :)

This is what I want her to remember when she gets older: that Mommy loved her and loved spending time with her so much that she wasn't afraid to get a little crazy sometimes!

PS--I just love how little Hadley looks like me in this photograph (usually she looks just like Avram and not a thing like me). I love how our facial expressions are nearly identical even though we were looking at the camera and not at each other. And I love how my daughter can make me have so much fun that I don't mind posting a crazy picture of myself on my blog. :)