Day 14 // Photo Challenge

Today the theme is CREATIVE, and I spent most of the day trying to think of something that would do this theme justice. My first instinct was to photograph some of the jewelry or hair things I've made, but since all of my craft stuff is packed up at the moment, I couldn't really accomplish that. The next thought I had was to take a picture of someone else's creativity, but that felt like cheating somehow. Then I came up with the idea that the photo itself should be creative--as in, something I haven't done before. So this is what I have...

The world from a child's view.

This afternoon I followed Hadley around (very sneakily, of course) and tried to take some pictures of her doing her everyday things, but it didn't work so well because she wanted to smile and pose for the camera instead of just play. It wasn't until she was thoroughly engrossed in a movie--a horse movie, to be exact--that she was able to ignore me and act normal.

While a picture of my daughter isn't necessarily creative, I think the angle is what makes this one more creative--at least for me, anyways. I'm still very much an amateur when it comes to photography, but I do try and am learning new things every day (I've learned a lot from this challenge alone!). I mean, not even a week ago would I have thought of taking a picture of my little girl watching TV... from the back. But now cool things like that occur to me. It's awesome. :)