Day 13 // Photo Challenge

Today's theme is NOON, and I decided to take a picture of something that happens in our house around noon every day...

Yep, Hadley is eating. And she's usually eating yogurt, too.

This child is very much a creature of habit (she definitely does not get that from her Mom. Nope. I'm as spontaneous as they come. Haha.). You can tell just how much of a routine she's in by watching how she eats throughout the day. She wants cereal and milk for breakfast, no exceptions. For lunch it has to be either yogurt and a granola bar or a banana with peanut butter, never anything else. I make her a sandwich, offer her other fruit, add some crackers to her plate... she won't have any of it. For snacks it's grapes and juice and crackers. And she always asks for a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner (but that's where I draw the line--she only gets those a couple times a week).

Sometimes it bothers me, but then I realize that most toddlers are picky eaters, so she's really not that weird (right??). I don't think she's picky per se... she just likes to eat the same things over and over again. :) But never fear--I am actively introducing her to new foods all the time. Sooner or later she will ask to have something for dinner that doesn't involve cheese!

PS--Don't you love the look on her face in this photo?? Those silly eyes tell you just how much she likes her yogurt. :)