Day 12 // Photo Challenge

The theme for today is BEAUTIFUL, and while there are many beautiful things I could've taken a picture of (the lilac tree outside our window, the early-morning sunrise, my daughter's naturally curly hair), I decided on this...

My wedding dress.

I got married almost 7 years ago now, but I remember all the wedding-planning details like it was yesterday. I think finding "the dress" was one of the easier tasks because I had only a few criteria: simple, beautiful, and white. My mindset was "I'll know it when I see it", and I was right--I fell in love with this dress almost immediately! I loved the soft, A-line style; I loved the intricate beaded flowers that decorate the front and the back; I loved how the bodice wraps around and ends in pretty pearl buttons; and I loved how seemingly simple it is, but when you look closer, you realize it isn't simple at all.

So that's my BEAUTIFUL photo... and my short walk down memory lane. :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering: Yes, I did try this on after I snapped a picture of it today. And yes, it still fits. :)