Casts & Crafts // Personal

Earlier this week my little Hadley went and broke her arm (jumping off a chair = fractured elbow), so we've been taking it easy around here. Sadly, this is not her first broken bone in her nearly four years of life--right after she turned two she broke her other arm in the exact same spot, so I'm thinking we might have an accident-prone child on our hands. *Sigh*

Anyway. Despite having the use of only one arm, she's been in surprisingly good spirits. We were taking a walk the other day and she started gathering up all the leaves she could find, so we decided to make a fall-type craft with them. We glued the leaves on pieces of paper and she decorated them with stickers. She made one for Nana, Papa, Daddy, me, and herself. :)

So many leaves!

She's very good at using stickers with one hand :)

This leaf was huge! Almost the size of her little head.

We needed to gather a few more leaves to finish our project...

These look good!

Showing me her finds

The fracture isn't bad at all, but she has to wear that big cast because of where it's broken

Putting the stickers on


I love spending time with my little girl, and she loves doing crafts with her mommy. :)