Animal Park // Personal

We're finally moving into our new house this weekend, so my blogging should go back to "normal" within the next couple of weeks... hopefully. :)

Until then, I'll just keep posting sporadic pictures and updates on how we're keeping ourselves busy while we wait!

A few days ago we drove over to Topeka and took Hadley to a park right next to the zoo. She and Avram had lots of fun playing in the crisp Fall weather and climbing over, under, and around the park's animal statues! She talked about "the animal park" for the rest of the day, so I think the next time we go to Topeka we'll just have to visit again. :)

She loved these statues!

Trying to climb up with Daddy...

Success! :)

Riding the elephant

Just climbing away

"Ahoy, mateys!"

"Help! I'm being eaten!"

"Oh no, so is Daddy!"

"And Mommy!"

Phew! Good thing she saved us. :)


Climbing up the submarine


What a fun day! 

I should be able to post pictures of our new house very soon... definitely stay tuned for that! :)