Adler | Twelve Months Old

Adler is officially a big ONE YEAR OLD!! (Well, he's technically almost 13 months old now... but hey, that's still one!)

He's turning out to be a pretty busy baby toddler! He still doesn't say very many words, but he loves to play and is getting a lot better with his walking. He likes to crawl up the stairs, and he's actually getting pretty good at crawling back down (thank goodness). He has six teeth now, and I think he's getting at least one more. He weighs a whopping 20 pounds and is constantly hungry... and therefore, constantly eating.

Adler | 12 months

Putting things in other things (toys in cups, diapers in baskets, shoes in the clothes hamper)
Rolling around on the ground
Touching the cat (when she lets him)
Walking around
Carrying stuff while walking around
Drinking whole milk
Copying his sister
Splashing in the bath
Using his teeth on people (we're trying to cure that, of course)
Using his teeth on anything he can put in his mouth
Drawing on the whiteboard
"Throwing" the ball
Throwing blankets out of his crib
Throwing toys down the stairs
He really likes throwing things

Doesn't love...
Going to bed
Eating anything green (or any vegetables, really)
Having his diaper changed
Riding in the car or stroller
Wearing shoes
Getting dressed
Being interrupted while he's playing for any of the above

Walk around holding onto furniture or someone's hand
Walk a short distance by himself
Sign "please" and "more" and "all done"
Crawl up and down the stairs
Stand up from sitting without any help

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