Adler | Nine Months Old

How is it possible that this little guy is going to be a year old in less than three months??? I seriously can't believe it. 

Meanwhile, as I'm sitting here in denial, Adler is very busy these days! He babbles constantly and enjoys making other funny noises and facial expressions. He's also turning out to be quite the stubborn little boy and will scream if you take something away that he was playing with or if you won't let him do things that he thinks are super fun, like playing near the stairs or pulling every single DVD off the shelf for the hundredth time. He's still got cute, chubby cheeks, but he's lost a little bit of his chub since he started crawling. :) He has four teeth now (two on the top, two on the bottom), and with how grumpy he's been the last few days, he's probably getting a few more!

Adler | 9 months

Playing with anything that he's not supposed to play with (a cell phone, Hadley's library books, the cupboards, garbage...)
Following his sister around
Eating food with his hands
Taking a bath
Being tickled
Playing with Daddy on the floor
"Talking" to people
Pulling Mommy's hair
Sucking on the corner of his blanket
Other babies
Cars and balls
Banging on anything and everything
Making a mess!

Doesn't love...
Naps (actually, he hates going to bed in general)
Being told "no"
Being alone in a room
Teething :(

Pull himself up on furniture (but he can't get back down yet, which he finds very frustrating!)
Put weight on his legs and take a few steps when someone holds him up
Clap when someone says "yay!"
Give a high-five
Sign "all done" and "more"
Use his fingers to pick up food and feed himself
Say "mama" and "dada" and "nana" and "baba"
Copy facial expressions and sounds

Hadley is 7 1/2 now!

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