4th of July // Personal

Yes, I realize that the 4th of July was 2 weeks ago now... but it doesn't seem like it! This month is just flying by, and with the many sessions and weddings that I'm constantly trying to edit, sometimes it takes me a while to get to my personal photos.

Anyway. Hadley absolutely loved Independence Day this year! We bought a few small fireworks and sparklers for her and Daddy to light, and she had a blast with them (no pun intended... haha). We also went out to Wamego for their annual 4th of July Celebration, and that was a really good time! They have the most awesome fireworks show I've ever seen, and we'll definitely be going back again next year. :)

After all the festivities, I just had to take a quick shot of the awesome moon we saw that night, too. :)

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